Monday, September 7, 2009

the empanada that ate san francisco

when i saw this recipe in the new spanish table, there was no picture, so although the title was "empanada with tuna and melting onions", i thought i was making empanadas, as in multiple small pastries. of course, we had to make it-tuna, lots of delicious veggies, and "melting onions" (what a delectable way to describe it! they were carmelized) all baked inside a warm, golden brown crust.

obviously, this was at home, over last winter break, and not in a dorm room on a hot summer day. anyway, turns out, it was one giant empanada, as i'm sure you've concluded based on the photographic evidence. so we sliced it like a pie, and enough leftovers for the next day (i think it made 6 or 7 meals total. 5 if you're really hungry). yum!


Lauren said...

Ok, this takes "awesome" to new heights. I will have to make this for me any my husband, although maybe with chicken instead. Yum. Thanks!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Well, whether it's an empanada or not, it looks really good! Tuna and melting onions seem like a winning combination to me!

Ann (Healthy Tasty Chow) said...

Speaking of Spain...:) This looks like a fun meal to serve friends - now I'm craving empanadas!