Wednesday, October 14, 2009

scrambled eggs

i have no idea how it got to be the middle of october already. it is a bit crazy round these parts, between midterms, our dorm room slowly falling apart, 8 am dentist appointments, 2 jobs (i shouldn't complain...i'm very happy with both and i work very very minimal hours), random outings and hangouts with friends, and, of course, homework. so a priority right now. but after next week, midterms will be over and i will be free! for now, i eat scrambled eggs.
in this case, two eggs, mixed with a dash of fat free milk (i just discovered that you're supposed to add milk to scrambled eggs...what a life changing moment! it makes them so much fluffier and delicious). put it in a pan, stir a bit, add a handful of feta, a handful of spinach, and about 1/4 of a sauteed onion. stir until cooked, then top with salsa.
and now, apropos of nothing, my cats:

i miss them. but pictures of them make me happy.


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