Tuesday, January 5, 2010

italian inspired lentil stew

to tell you the truth, i made this a while ago and i'm not sure exactly what was in it. i do remember it was quite tasty though. the thing is, i love "recipes" like this because you don't really have to measure...i tend to just pick a theme (hence "italian inspired") and just throw in whatever veggies and protein look good and fit that theme. let's see...we've clearly got onions, carrots, and lentils. the onion was about half a red onion, chopped then sauteed in olive oil until soft and a bit translucent. there may have been a clove or two of minced garlic in with that too (and if not, there should have been because garlic is almost always a welcome addition). i also added a handful of carrot chips after a few minutes of sauteing. when my veggies were satisfactorily cooked, i added a small can of tomato sauce (1/2 cups perhaps?) and a generous sprinkle of italian seasoning, before finally adding about a cup of cooked lentils, stirring, topping with a dollop of pesto sauce (of course, you can skip this and make the recipe vegan), and enjoying with a warm slice of sourdough bread.


MP said...

Got to be close enough--it looks and sounds absolutely delicious!

Michele said...

I love lentils--this looks amazing!!