Wednesday, March 10, 2010

pasta with tomato sauce and egg

we've been trying to get rid of all our perishable food before leaving for spring break (yay! but we won't be posting all next week, sorry), so meals have been somewhat random. tonight, i decided that my usual pasta with tomato sauce and peas needed something extra, and all we had in the fridge was 1 egg (and pb and j of course, but that wouldn't taste so good).
i love pasta carbonara, but obviously didn't have the ingredients for that or really remember how to make it, so i figured pasta with egg would be good. and, lo and behold, it was.
deconstructed/work in progress.

i made my own tomato sauce thusly:
1. chop up one tomato into about bite sized pieces.
2. add to pan with about 1 T olive oil. stir, add sprinkles of garlic powder, italian seasoning, red pepper flakes, and black pepper. stir.
3. let simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring and mashing tomato bits with a fork until mix is sauce-like.
et voila! le tomato sauce! (i have no idea why i'm attempting french in a pasta recipe. just go with it).
then i cooked up my pasta, stirred it with the sauce and about 1/4 cup peas, and topped with a fried egg (about 3 minutes, in olive oil).


Michele said...

What a neat idea! Looks delicious.

Farty Girl said...

This reminds me of my rents' favorite staple, bacon and egg spaghetti. Although I like yours better. They mix the egg in like sauce and nuke it. I like how you guys cook the egg first. That makes more sense to a salmonella-phobe like me! :)

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Deanna said...

I love pasta with sauteed dark greens and a poached egg. Have you tried eggs poached in spaghetti sauce? Its highly addictive.