Tuesday, July 7, 2009

shrimp risotto with baby spinich and basil

one weird thing about moving to new york was getting used to seasons. the weather in san francisco is delightfully random, completely free of the schedule followed on the east coast. 2 weekends ago, it was so hot i ended up with a horrible sunburn and the most perfect white tank top strap line ever, but by thursday it was foggy again. yesterday was sunny enough during the day to trick me into going to a giants night game wearing only a light hoodie (mistake. but giants won, yay!) and today all i could see out my window was a heavy blanket of fog, the kind that makes me want to stay inside all day and eat warm, creamy, comfortable foods.
so, naturally, shrimp risotto with spinich and basil sounded like just the thing. and it turned out delicious!
it was my first time making risotto, and it was pretty easy. the only slightly annoying thing was having to stay in the kitchen to add broth and stir every five minutes. for entertainment while doing this, i recommend listening to this song, dancing around, singing along into a wooden spoon, and taking "artsy" photos of your stove.

p.s. i've been playing around with editing the photos a little. i don't think i actually made this look any more attractive though? well, hopefully i will get the hang of it and the photos on this site will improve.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Ugh - photos are my downfall. The top one, in particular, looks lovely, though.

I adore risotto, but I must say that I think the addition of Rick Springfield and dancing really ups the experience. You're so right that all that stirring gets SO boring!

Mombre said...

I'm dying laughing here at work this am, loving the J's girl cooking "theme song" suggestion. Genius! :)

Karine said...

MmM risottos are always so good! I loved the fact you served your risotto with shrimps!

MenuManiac said...

This risotto sounds good and I was glad to hear that it was pretty easy to make. I have never made risotto, yet I have some of the rice in my cupboard...just in case! I always feel tempted when flipping through my Jamie Oliver cookbooks.

Kerstin said...

LOL, love the artsy picture. Your risotto sounds delicious!