Monday, July 27, 2009

vamanos a la mission!

(i hope i said that right. i haven't taken spanish since 7th grade)

like any good san franciscan, i am absolutely in love with my city. if you ever come to sf and need a tour guide, i'm your girl. one place i would most definitely take you to is the mission, our mexican neighborhood.

mr. burbujas can't wait to see you!

if you are in the mission on a weekend and you see this delightful, yet disturbing, art work outside of la gallinita, go in immediately and get yourself some tacos and quesadillas!. during the week, la gallinita is a butcher shop, but on weekends they serve food.

a satisfying lunch. you've got a taco (pictured here: cabeza, which means "face" and is cheek meat. just try it, it melts in your mouth) and the completely genius creation of chorizo and potatoes wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried.


you can also go with carne asada (grilled steak) for your taco. or a number of other fillings, including chorizo (my favorite) or sesos (brains. yum!)
after lunch, stroll around a bit, checking out mexican markets, a multitude of murals, and some great dollar stores, before returning to 24th and harrison for the amazingness that is humphry slocombe ice cream.

pictured: 1 scoop of peanut butter curry + 1 scoop of oolong tea.


Naomi said...

Oh how I miss California Mexican food.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

My first taste of "real" Mexican food was after a careening bike ride in the Mission.

That ice cream looks pretty outstanding, too.

We used to go to a place somewhere around there called Bud's ice cream - the bittersweet chocolate was amazing, but I think it may have closed when you were still young.

Deanna said...

Hey neighbor! I'm out in Walnut Creek. I love the title of your blog and I want some of this ice cream ASAP!

the twins said...

thanks for the comments everyone.
Jen-yeah, i think Bud's is closed, but you can still buy there ice cream in grocery stores. the only flavor i ever see is french vanilla, which is very good.

Finsmom said...

Yum! Sounds tasty!

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