Tuesday, August 25, 2009

moving out + homemade tortillas with corn, beans and cheese

first of all, thanks everyone for the great and helpful comments on the last post. you guys are amazing!
there's a recipe for that at the bottom of the post, i promise. so if you just come here for food, feel free to skip all this writing and just scroll down. if you just come for the writing, but think our food is terrible, feel free to ignore the pictures and recipes. and if you just like to pretty polka-dot background, that's ok too, as long as you visit us here, we're happy.

i have no idea how it got to be tuesday afternoon already. we're leaving for school in nyc very early on thursday morning, so wednesday will be for packing and today is our last real day here. i've been pretty busy this past week, making sure to see all my peeps one last time before i leave, so it still hasn't really sunk in that we're leaving so soon.
there will be some changes to what kind of food we make because we will be a stricter budget and we will have a tiny kitchen. i will post the (shocking) photos of the ridiculous tiny-ness soon after move in. of course, we will also have less cooking equiptment and will be cooking less and eating at random free food events at school more. we'll try to keep this blog up to par, but it will be different. we also have a handful of recipes made at home in the backlog, so we'll mix those in to the postings.

today's cooking adventure is homemade tortillas.
horribly mangled first attempt at tortillas.
all you need is some corn flour (called masa, and sold at big grocery stores and mexican markets). you mix it with water, stir a little bit, form tortillas, and fry in a dry pan for a few minutes. the proportions of ingredients to use will be listed on your flour bag. at first, ours were too wet and stuck to everything, resulting in the mess you see above. then we added a tad more flour and...
we made 2 tortillas for each person, and served them with sauteed onions, canned beans and corn heated up with some chili powder, chipotle powder, and a touch of lime juice. if you want it vegan, eat like this, if not, you can top it with grated cheddar or jack cheese. (pictured at the top of this post, in case you forgot).


Joanne said...

Hey I am in NYC as well going to school (I am a med school student). We should definitely have a blogger meet-up once you come!

It is totally frustrating cooking in a small kitchen but I like to think it has made me more inventive. I love tortilla recipes. They are so versatile and so easy!

Megan said...

I love the tortillas and should give it a try. I have the mesa. Yours looks really good. Good luck in NYC

Jennifer said...

All the best in NYC! I have always dreamed of living there to be honest!

My sister always makes homemade tortillas and my Dad perfected them long ago. Something I totally need to make! thanks for the inspiration! they look perfectly yummy!!

Muneeba said...

so glad that this adventure ended in success! Great job ... love the idea of home-made tortillas.

Kerstin said...

I'm impressed you made homemade tortillas, they look delicious. Good luck with your move!