Friday, November 6, 2009

The chorizo post

We are usually not big fans of fake meats, but we've been trying some really good ones from TJ's lately that might change our minds on that. The latest is soyrizo. We got a link of it a few days ago and have been using it in as many meals as possible since then. The first way we tried was with some chipotle salsa, also from TJ's. Lola had it inside a whole wheat pita (as Lou Seal watched jealously) and I had it on top of some home-made tortilla chips with a little cheese melted on top.

For my second soyrizo meal, I made soyrizo and potatoes. This dish is so simple, yet so delicious. It only has 2 ingredients (3 if you count the generous amount of oil used for frying) but those 2 ingredients go together perfectly to create the most comforting, flavorful breakfast/ brunch ever.


Mimi said...

Oooh, I'll have to try this. It looks yummy!

Teehee, the name of your blog cracks me up. Love it!

Mombre said...


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Hi Rita and Lola - I'm sorry I haven't been around as much - this has been a CRAZY fall! Here's my response to whomever responded on my blog, just because I think you'd find this link interesting:

Twins - I know - it's interesting to me that you and Chani had similar responses and you both live in urban areas. TJ's is often my go-to for non-local because I can get things cheaply there and then I can afford other things. OTOH, I'm going to posting some menus here that are $3/under per serving made with almost all local ingredients. You can get some great deals at the Union Square market and it's within walking distance of TJ's. ;-) I'm going to send you a link of a blog that's been started by some U of M students about this very topic - eating locally as college students. Here's the link:

Oraphan said...

Yum! That looks and sounds so good. I'm glad I found you because all your food looks so yummy and easy to make which is my way of cooking:) I'll definitely come back to read through your great blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving lovely comment, I really appreciate your time:)