Monday, November 2, 2009

thai rice with vegan meatballs

rita is the ambitious one in our dorm kitchen. she does big shopping trips to trader joe's and actually tries to make recipes. with more than 3 ingredients. me, i stop at gristede's on the way home from class, wander around the aisles in a daze for 30 minutes, and wind up with a dinner of toast, baked beans, and artichoke hearts (which was delicious by the way). so this meal is a bit of a mix between our 2 current styles-her "fancy" ingredients, and my "lets just cook a few random things we have and throw them together" craziness.
thai rice with meatless meatballs
*trader joe's meatless meatballs i had seen these on other people's blogs and wanted to try them. they are super good! i would use 6 per person in this, or any other, dish
*brown rice
*trader joe's thai green curry sauce, or other spicy curry sauce
*peas i buy tons of frozen peas because they're the cheapest of the frozen veggies
*mango (or other type) chutney
cook your rice, add peas and meatballs (defrosted, of course...i just threw mine in to the rice pot frozen once there was about 10 minutes left for the rice to cook. but i also had way too much water in that pot because apparently i thought i was cooking pasta--lesson of this post: ironically, an entire day of classes about the brain causes my brain to cease functioning. anyhoo, it would be better to simply defrost your meatballs and peas first and throw 'em in at the end),stir in a big glob of sauce, and top with mango chutney.
serve in tupperware, if you're classy like me. also, wow. super unappetizing photo. but it tasted good!


Kerstin said...

Yum, this looks like a delicious and quick meal! I'm going to TJs tomorrow and will have to look for those meatballs!

Hannah said...

I tend to be a bit leery of vegan "meat"balls, but if it's from Trader Joe's, and it's gotten such raves, I suppose it could be worth a try... It certainly sounds tasty at least!

Katharine said...

It looks like there's some pineapple chunks in there too. Honestly it looks delicious and portable. I have all of these ingredients at home now; minus the TJ meatballs--this is Belgium. I'm going to try a version with Quorn chik'n pieces, which have egg in them but DH eats them. Thank you so much! Lunch is served for tomorrow.