Friday, April 16, 2010

Grits with portabello mushrooms, cheese and corn

While I was in Atlanta over spring break (which was awesome, by the way) we were staying in a hotel with free breakfast and I took full advantage. Not only did I have a waffle smothered with syrup every morning, I also stuffed plenty of tea bags, tiny packets of peanut butter, and most importantly, 2 packs of Quaker Instant Grits into my purse while the hotel employees weren't looking.
Lola and I finally got around to using the grits a few nights ago. We mixed them with sauteed portabello mushrooms, grated Cheddar and jack (2 kinds of cheese! getting fancy!), and some frozen white corn.

Delicious! instant grits aren't as good as the real thing, but still yummy and great comfort food.


Recipeman said...

wow these gritsand mushrooms look great.

Anonymous said...

Grits make me so happy.

lola said...

Hey girls! I just found your blog because my name is Lola too, so i thought i would check it out!
You make delicious food to live in a tiny dorm, as you say! but i don't know what grits are :( there are no grits in Mexico,
Have a nice week!

Michele said...

What an unusual recipe! It looks delicious!

the twins said...

lola-grits are a mixture of water and cornmeal, blended together as they cook so that they get really creamy. they're kind of like polenta, if you've ever had that.

Emily said...

yum, this looks delish! i like the combo of portobellos and cheese.