Saturday, April 10, 2010

pasta with parsley, edamame, and roasted onions

growing up, i was always very perplexed by the concept of seasons. i remember seeing a commercial for macy's new spring collection or something once, and suddenly having this revelation that somewhere in far away lands, people had completely different wardrobes depending on the time of year. san francisco tends to be foggy most of the time, with the occasional beautiful summer day, or random rainstorm. so moving to new york, with its somewhat extreme weather, has been filled with new discoveries for me. air conditioning! heaters! and, perhaps most exciting, that sunny spring day when you realize that winter is over. it always takes me a few weeks to realize that its not going to snow again for another year. weather doesn't just pop up randomly whenever it feels like it! there's actually a pattern! anyway, the past few weeks have been filled with glorious spring days, appreciated all the more after our long winter. so when my mom emailed me this pasta recipe, rita and i knew it was the perfect spring/summer pasta dish, perhaps something we could bring to a picnic in park (except that i actually ate it in class. oh well).

i forgot to buy garlic, so we left that out, and we added 1/2 an onion, roasted in the oven with olive oil for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees. it was delightfully fresh and springy!
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Deanna said...

I totally understand your weather shock. Mine was horrible. I went from Southern CA to the mid-Hudson Valley. I tried to wear my Rainbows until it snowed. I failed.

Maaya said...

wow this penne looks amazing and a great combination with the parsley and edememe


Chelsey said...

I am STILL waiting for spring here! The grass is brown, but I see it starting to slowly turn green. The wait is killing me!

What a simple pasta dish you've got going. Looks tasty!