Thursday, July 1, 2010

spanish tortilla with artichokes and roasted peppers

with greens + nasturtiums (i had to google "edible flowers to find out how to spell that. my original spelling was so far off, i didn't even get any spell check suggestions) and sauteed shrimp. yum! also with rita's owl mug, which she wanted to show off.

this is another recipe from a wonderful cookbook, The New Spanish Table.

a spanish tortilla is basically an omelet made with thinly sliced potatoes, except instead of folding the omelet in half, you dramatically flip it over mid-cooking then finish cooking until you get a big cake like omelet that you can slice into pieces. the flip is top the tortilla pan with a plate, turn the whole apparatus upside down, then slide the plated tortilla back into the pan. the only plate we had that fit over the pan weighed approximately 10 pounds (not really, but i have no arm strength and that thing was heavy) so i ended up with egg running all over my stove. still, knowing me, the process could have gone way worse. i managed to conserve most of the egg and ended up with a successful tortilla.


Mombre said...

this was fabulous!! So glad you guys are home so I can eat like a queen!!

Emily said...

this sounds delish, even if it was difficult to make in that heavy pan!

Anonymous said...

Hello There!
I love your WebLog. Drew and I are looking forward to seeing you two next month. It will be so great to spend some time with you again! I saw a frozen snowball in a jar in the freezer the other day. We have been saving it for you.
Love, love, love,

Anonymous said...

Wow...I am impressed.
I can only imagine how hard it would be to flip that bad boy.