Saturday, September 4, 2010

sweet corn soup

we've finally made it to nyc, and are all unpacked and ready to start the school year. get ready for some exciting dorm meals! but first, we have some more food from home to show delicious sweet corn soup.
while we were in seattle, we had the most amazing corn soup at poppy, our splurge restaurant for the trip (well that and pok pok in portland, which is amazing. go there and get the chicken wings. right now!). it was like the freshest, sweetest ear of corn you've ever had, in soup form. when we cooked our final home meal of the summer, i knew we had to include corn soup. we found a good recipe in alice waters' the art of simple food. it was quite tasty, although it looked a little grayish. the recipe was also super simple and fast.


Pamela said...

The Sweet Corn Soup sounds good (you're right - it is a little grayish. Candlelight dinner, maybe.)
So --- would you give us the recipe?

the twins said...

Hi Pamela! thanks!
i don't have your email, so hopefully you read this...or you can ask my mom for the recipe. technically i shouldn't be posting recipes from cookbooks online, which is why this doesn't have the recipe. but it is super simple...basically you cook some onion slices in butter, add corn and water, and puree.