Monday, June 22, 2009

father's day extravaganza! mussels+fries+parsley aioli+french bread+strawberry granita

many years ago, we made a father's day card for our dad, promising him a "leon de bruxelles style meal". leon de bruxelles is a chain of belgian restaurants specializing in mussels, which we visited while in paris.
anyway, yesterday, we finally provided him with the promised meal. only 10 years too late. but worth the wait!
we started with this recipe:mussels and fries with mustard mayonnaise

very tasty! we doubled the recipe to serve four, but ended up with many leftover mussels. probably 3 pounds would be enough to serve four if its part of a many course meal like ours.
the recipe called for frozen french fries, but we decided to make our own.

we used this recipe: garlic fries, but halfed it.
instead of using the mustard sauce the mussel recipe called for, we made our own parsley aioli.
since this was a special occasion and we were making everything from scratch, we also had to make our own bread to go with. again, the recipe is halfed.

the first stage of baking took about 20 minutes, instead of the stated 35. also, we used about 2/3 white flour and 1/3 wheat, just because we ran out of white. french bread
all this was served with a lettuce salad.
and the grand finale...

strawberry granita
served in margarita glasses. we're hella swanky.
everything was very tasty.
and finally...

...the end!
or is it? stay tuned for our next post to see what we made with the leftover mussels.


Peanut Butter Swirl said...

mm the garlic fries sound delicious!

Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for the comment on my blog!

I love love lovee garlic fries, those must have been amazing!

finsmom said...

That granita has me drooling :)

Jordana said...

I saw your comment on my blog. Your father's day meal looks fantastic! I'm definitely going to try it one day. Mussels and frites. How can you go wrong?!!?

Food Gal said...

A perfect Father's Day meal. That you made the fries from scratch, too, just shows how much you love him. ;)

Rose at The Bite Me Kitchen said...

YUM! You girls did a great job :) I just did mussels and fries the other week - so good. That strawberry granita looks AMAZING! I'm excited to check out the rest of your page =)

Foodycat said...

Wow - this looks amazing! I would die of happiness if someone served me that granita. Thanks for commenting on my blog - demarara sugar is a coarse, semi-refined sugar that is really good for streusel topping and anything where you want some crunch.

Molly Jean said...

I love mussels but I never think of making them at home. They look so good!

Now come swing by my blog and pick up your award :)