Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shrimp Ceasar Salad + Zucchini Soup

So, I didn't end up meeting El Vez yesterday. I'm very sad. I was supposed to be helping out interviewing the Zeros, which is the band El Vez was in before he realized his true calling as an Elvis impersonator, but only one member of the band showed up. I did get to see the Zeros play though, and they were awesome.
Anyway, to the food!
I made caesar salad from cooking light, but added some shrimp for more protein. I also made zucchini, potato, and cilantro soup from Bon App├ętit. Both were very good, but the soup came out the texture of mashed potatoes. I probably should have added a bit more broth.
p.s. i'd also like to point out that we have a whisk shaped like a squid. observe:


finsmom said...

Some really tasty sounding dishes here!

Christina Kim said...

Hey twins! thanks for visiting my blog. i'll be sure to follow you guys on my reader! Love the shrimp salad. I've never tried homemade ceasar, I'm impressed! And yes that whisk is very special.

Goofball said...

Hi! coming over from Jen from A2eatwrite. She recommended your blog on hers and is a regular reader. However since your comments are embedded (on of the blogger settings) and due to some bug she and potentially a bunch of other readers do not succeed in leaving you comments. She regrets that very much since she really likes your blog!

she asked this on her blog:
"If you have a way to get in touch with Rita and Lola, would you please let them know that with the commenting embedding they have on blogger, there are many of us who can't comment on their blog. I read it every day, but I feel like a dog - watching but silent. They don't have an e-mail in their profile, so I can't contact him about this. If they switche to pop-up comments or full page comments, this will be remedied - there may be other of his readers in the same boat."

bye bye, happy cooking!

Jordana said...

Delicious! I absolutely adore shrimp caesars.