Tuesday, June 30, 2009

quick update on comments and an award

hey, everyone! i've been informed by commenter Goofball that some readers were having trouble posting comments. i've changed the settings and hopefully it works for everyone now. thanks to Goofball--we're new at blogging and don't understand how all this stuff works. and thanks to all our readers--if you like this blog, definitely stop by and leave a comment, we love reading them! while i'm at it, is there a consensus on the best way to reply to comments? i've been replying on this blog, or stopping by the other persons blog to leave a reply, but i could also e-mail responses. i'm always happy to answer questions or clear anything up.
also, thanks much to Jen at a2eatwrite not only for pointing out this problem, but for giving us a lovely blog award.

i don't know how many people i'm supposed to pass this award on to, but here's a random sampling of some new blogs i found that i really enjoy:
deglaze me
rachel's road
jess likes it hot
the bite me kitchen
pham fatale
menu maniac


Christina Kim said...

hey, twins, you are so sweet! thank you for the recognition. i am loving your blog, too! it's so fun to encounter new food bloggers out there.

MenuManiac said...

WOW! Thank you for the shout out! I'm honoured!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Yay! I can post now. Thanks. ;-) We both recognized Pham Fatale - what a wonderful blog. I also think you two do an astonishing job here. I'll definitely be back to see your recipients.

Mombre said...

Ok, going to see if this works! Am pretty excited about being able to make a comment...I was one of the lucky people who got to taste the Zucchini Soup...totally great!

Goofball said...

Hi there,

glad to see that Jen and potentially others can leave their comments too :). I had no problem, but Jen has had problems on my blog in the past as well and changing the settings did the trick. I don't know what this bug is about.

have fun and congratulations with your well deserved blog award!