Saturday, June 20, 2009

happy birthday! also, pumpkin soup

in honor of john taylor's birthday--the blog's namesake song!
hungry like the wolf

yes, i am a nerd. in my defense its not like i knew in advance that it was his birthday. i just happened to see it when i went on facebook this morning. yes, i am a fan of duran duran on facebook. i'd also like to point out that if you go to john taylor's wikipedia page (link above), you will learn that he was in a movie called Sugar Town in which he played Clive, whose "life is thrown into upheaval when a cult member shows up on [his] doorstep to drop off a surly 12-year old "love child" that she claims Clive fathered." hmm, interesting.
but you didn't come here to learn fascinating facts about 80s band members, you came here for delicious recipes...

...and delicious recipes you shall get!
i liked this recipe because it used things we had on hand, either leftover from other recipes or because they're just general things that we usually have around. that always makes me feel like i'm getting the meal for free, which makes me happy.
curried pumpkin bisque with cheddar cheese

changes: since we were serving this as a main dish, we made the full recipe although there were only four of us. we also added 1 can kidney beans (don't forget to drain and rinse!), substituted vegetable broth for the chicken broth, and left out the tomatoes because we didn't have any.

yum! served with crackers (trader joe's multigrain entertaining crackers, in case you were wondering. and they're very entertaining, haha.)


healthyambition said...

Curry, pumpkin and cheese? What an amazing combination of flavours! I love soups and this one sounds amazing!

Heather said...

Thanks for the comment! It's such an easy dish to make ;)

This soup looks yum too - I love everything with pumpkin and also love using "leftover" ingredients. My kinda dish!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

aww thank you for the comment!
sounds like a delicious soup :)

Lo said...

Ah! The brilliance of canned pumpkin that makes it possible for us to have curried pumpkin bisque at this time of the year. Love it!

Thanks for visiting over at Burp!

finsmom said...

I am a huge pumpkin fan, so I am sure I would love this!

Michelle said...

Mmmm this looks great! Thanks for checking out my blog!