Saturday, June 13, 2009

phyllo triangles with kale, pinenuts, and currants

the filling

from lorna sass's the new vegan cookbook. i'm assuming i can't reprint the recipe since its from a cookbook? from this cookbook, one recipe i've tried (tortilla stacks with corn and black beans with silken cilantro sauce) has been quite good, and the others have been pretty good but needing a little extra excitement. this recipe definitely falls into the latter category, although perhaps its just because we left out the brewer's yeast (couldn't find any). we tried dipping it in a variety of sauces, with seeds of change madras simmer sauce being the most successful. this recipe took a while, but was not too hard except for the phyllo dough.
note the ones where i got frustrated and just crumpled them into giant balls. phyllo is a bitch to work with.
served with grilled scallops in romesco sauce, made by my talented dad, which defeated the vegan-ness but was delicious.
moral of the story: if you have this book already, try this recipe, because it was good, just nothing amazing. if you don't, find it at the library and photocopy the tortilla recipe (or just the cilantro sauce, that stuff was good). and always hire someone to do your phyllo folding for you.


Penny said...

You two are great. There are two of you right? Glad you liked my chocolate chip cookies. Will visit your blog again.

Barbara Bakes said...

I've never cooked with phyllo before. It sounds like I may have to stick with puff pastry. Although your triangles do look delicious!

the twins said...

thanks to both of you! Penny--yes there are two of us. we don't have separate accounts that's why everything's just posted under "the twins". its confusing, i know =)

Naomi said...

About posting recipes from cookbooks, I found this article by David Lebovitz to be helpful: